persecution of Christians

Francis will speak at the al-Azhar University during his visit to Egypt on April 28-29

Muslim villagers suspected that a Christian teenager who allegedly converted to Islam was being held captive by her family

Campaigners want US government to do more to help Christians and other minorities persecuted by ISIS

They fled their home in the middle of the night after militants demanded they convert to Islam

Pakistan’s government has announced that Koranic education will be compulsory for schoolchildren

Anti-Christian prejudice among Muslims is a very bad advertisement for their faith

Cardinal Nichols said that international assistance is required in the Middle East

The motion calls on the Government to table a resolution at the UN Security Council

The 40-year sentence for Radovan Karadzic ‘won’t solve our problems’ , a spokesman for the country’s bishops has said

Unlike the European Parliament and the United States, Britain has refused to acknowledge genocide by Islamic State