February 06, 2015
Hunt's tone reflects the contempt for Catholic education among a new generation of politicians
February 06, 2015
Shadow education secretary appeared to question whether nuns are good teachers in a television debate
November 26, 2014
Militants have been said to be using the convent as a logistics base
May 06, 2014
Cardinal Müller criticises Leadership Conference of Women Religious for honouring criticised Catholic theologian
December 12, 2013
Bishop Alnemeh demands the immediate release of the nuns 'who have done no harm to anyone'
December 05, 2013
in the light of the taking of 12 nuns in Syria, Xavier Beauvois' film about the assassination of Tibhirine is more powerful than ever
December 03, 2013
Five nuns were snatched from the Orthodox Monastery of Santa Tecla near Damascus