Bishop Vecchi said that, while the inclusion of a boat might be justified, the crib was an essential sign of Jesus’ humbling Himself

In the birthplace of Christianity, the different calendars used by churches mean that Christmas comes more than once a year

A 300-pound metal sculpture of a satanic pentagram in Florida was vandalised

The spire from the St Benedict Basilica in Norcia, along with some rubble, has been placed next to the life-sized nativity scene

The boat ‘represents tradition’ as well as the reality of migrants crossing the Mediterranean

Francis made a surprise visit to the place where St Francis of Assisi created the world’s first Nativity scene

Our Christmas can never be based on past memories alone. It must be for us, in our own day, a present work of the Holy Spirit

The figures will be used in Nativity scenes across Italy this Christmas

The way Vatican news is reported in the mainstream media has changed drastically since the arrival of Francis

The Incarnation is drama in the true sense of the Greek word