Marie Stopes

A report claims staff felt ‘encouraged’ to persuade women to have abortions

Other councils could now use Public Space Protection Orders to ban peaceful vigils

Rupa Huq is planning to table an amendment outlawing protests outside abortion clinics

There are now 100,000 people alive in Northern Ireland who would be dead if Britain’s abortion laws had applied

The actual practice of abortion clinics is far more permissive than politicians will admit

An undercover reporter from the Daily Mail was approved for an abortion after saying, ‘I just don’t want the baby’

The failures of Marie Stopes only illustrate wider problems in the abortion industry

In two centres, clinicians were signing between 30 and 60 permission forms at a time

Bernadette Smyth was found guilty of harassing Dawn Purvis of the Marie Stopes clinic

The wealthy Marie Stopes International is legally threatening the use of rosaries in baby pink and blue