Little Sisters of the Poor

The secular lobby targets Catholic schools and hospitals with lawsuits, but there is a fightback

Some have warned, however, that the order does very little in practice and does not address a number of pressing questions

Some religious leaders have welcomed the order, but others say it does not go nearly far enough

‘President Trump can ensure that we are not forced from the public square,’ say US Church leaders

The US president is likely to get an earful, but on one topic he might receive a word of thanks

Donald Trump has written to delegates at a Catholic conference in Denver

The sisters cited a decrease in sufficient vocations as the reason for their departure

The cardinal argued that politics can be reduced to special interests unless it is guided by moral principles

The cardinal said divorce, cohabitation and same-sex marriage hurt children and make it harder to discover God’s love

The justices have asked the lower courts to take another look at the issue