Iraq war

It is only thanks to just war theory that we can articulate why the invasion was immoral

British diplomats and French leaders were among those to warn about religious conflict in post-invasion Iraq

Tony Blair presented evidence on weapons of mass destruction ‘with a certainty that was not justified’, inquiry finds

The German chancellor traveled to the Vatican to discuss the upcoming G7 summit with the Pope

Bishop Mansour said that Jesus was not a ‘passive victim’

The Royal Prerogative was, in effect, abolished on the basis of a PR campaign that required Parliamentary consent to establish legitimacy for going to war, and Iraqi minorities are paying the price

Much of what he says in his public statements appears not entirely intellectually well thought through; at times it is even totally incoherent

As we contemplate the fate of Catholics in Mosul, this should be a time of mourning.

Perhaps now the US will end its policy of intervention in order to make future Iraqs impossible

Bishop Warduni says his country still has no law, no government, and terrorists ‘come and go as they please’