human trafficking
July 29, 2021
Every year, thousands of Europe-bound Nigerian youths illegally travel along often-dangerous migration routes through the Sahara desert and across the Mediterranean Sea, voyaging on hapless boats, most intent on reaching Italy where they hope to make a better living. Their hopes often crumble like a house of cards.
February 12, 2018
A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church
February 10, 2018
The Holy Father met with delegates from more than 30 countries in a two-day summit to tackle human trafficking
April 05, 2017
Jesuit Father Michael Czerny has called for 'immediate and incisive action'
January 20, 2017
A refuge is being constructed for young women rescued from traffickers in the Diocese of Baton Rouge
November 22, 2016
Cardinal Pietro Parolin recommended coordinated international efforts to end exploitation in the fishing industry
November 08, 2016
Pope Francis met with clergy and women religious who work with victims of human trafficking
November 07, 2016
Women religious provide great assistance to trafficking victims but rarely publicise their efforts