Henry VIII

Amid celebrations of the Reformation’s 500th anniversary, we should remember the mass persecutions of 16thC England

Virginia Rounding’s account of Henry VIII’s sadism is unremittingly gory but scholarly and well-written, says Simon Caldwell

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Lucy Beckett’s conversion to Catholicism helped inspire her novel about the Reformation

To this day many believe that the Catholic Church refused to give people the Bible and religious instruction in English

It is unsustainable to believe that one nation has a special mission from God

The splintering of Protestantism is the best advert for a pope ever devised

The king would have been furious that Cardinal Nichols is to preside at Vespers in Hampton Court Palace next week

Fisher and More lived exemplary lives and were content to be martyred for the faith

Nancy Bileau’s novel doesn’t airbrush the venality and violence of Henry VIII’s court