March 19, 2018
The question is more complicated than you may think
April 05, 2017
Francis said the cross is a symbol of 'the power of God who made himself sin to heal us'
February 23, 2017
We have more in common with him than he might care to admit
February 20, 2017
Pope Francis visited the parish of St Mary Josefa on the edge of the Diocese of Rome
February 15, 2017
At his weekly general audience, the Pope continued his teachings on Christian hope
February 14, 2017
The Pope said the word of God must be preached with 'frankness and strength'
February 07, 2017
The text of 'The Word is a gift. Other persons are a gift' has been released
February 07, 2017
The Pope's Lenten message, released on February 7, is entitled, 'The Word is a gift. Other persons are a gift'