Evelyn Waugh
January 20, 2021
With a star-studded new HBO/BBC adaptation of Brideshead Revisited now being cast, William Cash reveals why Evelyn Waugh’s portrayal of a decadent upper-class Catholic family was banned in 1947 by the Hollywood censors
December 23, 2020
Teresa Pinfold’s contributions to the letters page – parts of which hint at the pseudonymous correspondent's own concerns, others of which seem more to be an elaborate joke for the correspondent's own entertainment.
September 26, 2017
It's bad manners to discuss the terrible effects of sin. Waugh, like the authors of the correction, broke the taboo
April 06, 2017
Two and a half square miles of peculiarity await visitors to the British Overseas Territory
April 07, 2016
Brideshead Revisited enchants readers with its luscious portrayal of upper-class life. But at its heart is the working of grace
April 02, 2015
The English literary master first championed the spirited Trappist monk and then grew tired of him
December 08, 2014
Muriel Spark found Catholicism practical and rational, while Edith Sitwell was receptive to the power of sacramental grace
August 28, 2014
Waugh was as politically incorrect as it is possible to be