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The Aztec death cult was pitiless. The apparition of Our Lady changed that

In countries where priests face the constant risk of violent crime, they still go out, they still take risks. As in Kenya and elsewhere, so in Britain

Nearly 80 doctors have written to the Daily Telegraph to express their concerns ahead of House of Commons debate

Mr Arafat was moved to tears by Mel Gibson’s film, The Passion of the Christ

Feminist propaganda has posited the idea that being at home with your children is less exciting than going into the work-place

Match to be played between St Peter’s Cricket Club and Church of England XI in September

Pope Francis is popular with the secular media because they think he’s about to abandon the disciplines of the Church; and they have built him up by denigrating Benedict XVI

Belief in the theory of evolution is no reason for atheism as Dawkins supposes: Darwin himself insisted that the had never been an atheist

Paying tribute to a man who was brave, eccentric and generous

Standing up for Catholic beliefs in the public arena is a tough but vital task