June 28, 2021
Two Catholic churches on indigenous land in western Canada burnt to the ground on Saturday, less than a week after two other nearby churches were set ablaze. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are investigating the fires. RCMP Sergeant Jason Bayda said, “The investigations into the previous fires and these two new fires are ongoing with
February 28, 2021
Officially known in Canada as MAID (medical aid in dying), euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide were legalized in the country during June 2016. Since then, nearly 14,000 people have ended their lives through MAID in Canada as of 2019. 
January 18, 2021
When Father Harrison Ayre looks back on 2020 and the start of the coronavirus pandemic, the phrase that immediately comes to his mind is ‘dazed and confused.’
November 24, 2020
Archbishop Miller of Vancouver said religious institutions are not being treated fairly compared to the other establishments.
October 14, 2020
Toronto's CityNews published the investigation on Tuesday.
July 11, 2018
Fr Tony Van Hee has been praying and fasting since 1989
July 02, 2018
Canadian bishops have rebuked their country's Supreme Court
June 26, 2018
Canada is only second country in the world to legalise recreational use of cannabis