The employee had been at Oxfam at the time

Drought and civil war has left millions of families across East Africa on the brink of starvation

16 million people in four countries face severe hunger

The secretary general of the Bishops’ Conference has called for respect for the democratic process in order to stop violent protests

A peace deal has been reached in Colombia which will see the end to the longest internal armed conflict in the western hemisphere

Cafod is amongst the aid agencies unable to enter the Syrian city because of heavy fighting

The plight of Brazil’s indigenous people should be centre stage at the Games, a spokesman said

Clashes between government and opposition forces in the country’s capital have enter their fifth day

Lord Alton has accused European Commission president Jean Claude-Juncker of ‘disdainful arrogance’

The theologian had signed a letter to Polish bishops calling for ‘early, safe and legal abortion’