Boko Haram
October 06, 2020
Since the 60th anniversary of Nigerian Independence from British rule, the Nigerian government has struggled to quell public discontent.
August 24, 2017
A daily guide to what's happening in the Catholic Church
May 08, 2017
The girls were freed on Saturday in exchange for the release of five Boko Haram suspects
April 13, 2017
Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme of Maiduguri said the battle was not limited to the 'physical realm'
April 06, 2017
Why is their plight of so little interest to the wider world?
October 17, 2016
Cardinal Okogie and two bishops called on the Nigerian government to focus on securing the release of the remaining Chibok girls
October 06, 2016
When the terrorist group attacked his diocese, a Nigerian bishop launched a spiritual fightback. Dan Hitchens meets him
October 03, 2016
Bishop Oliver Dashe Doeme of Maiduguri said the terrorist group have been pushed back