July 11, 2016
Violent clashes between forces loyal to the president and those loyal to the vice president have spread across the city of Juba in recent days
July 11, 2016
Archbishop Kurtz said the Dallas sniper attack was 'an act of unjustifiable evil' and that members of the public need 'protection and fairness'
June 22, 2016
Bishops have pleaded with law enforcers to treat suspected criminals with respect and compassion after a sharp rise in police violence in the Philippines
June 13, 2016
The shooting at a crowded nightclub left 49 people dead and many more injured
June 06, 2016
The Pope's new set of canons are significant because they locate the epicenter of the abuse crisis in the episcopacy
May 23, 2016
Archbishop Peter Smith discussed the upcoming referendum in an interview with Vatican Radio
May 17, 2016
The chairmen of two US Catholic bishops' committees have spoken out after the administration issued a directive last week
May 03, 2016
Elections to Northern Ireland's power-sharing assembly take place on Thursday