January 21, 2021
The Catholic Church in Perth has been ordered to make a record payout of $2.45 million to a child abuse survivor, after a District Court ruling last week.
January 15, 2021
The extract appearing here is from George Cardinal Pell's Prison Journal, Volume 1: The Cardinal Makes His Appeal. George Weigel introduced the work to readers of the Catholic Herald in a short essay, which appeared on our website earlier this week. Both the extract and Weigel's essay are featured in the January / February issue of the Catholic Herald.
December 04, 2020
Before this year, only 8-10% of the 700,000 people who identify as Catholic in the Brisbane area went to church on Sundays.
November 20, 2018
Barry O’Sullivan was told he would never understand abortion because he is a man
July 04, 2018
The Archbishop of Adelaide also said he will not resign unless the appeal fails
July 03, 2018
The Archbishop of Adelaide was convicted of failing to report child sex abuse
June 23, 2018
'People are prepared to speak up in a way that they would never have done before,' the Archbishop of Brisbane said
June 18, 2018
'When the state tries to intervene on our religious freedom, undermine the essence of what it means to be a Catholic, we will resist'