Travel & Pilgrimage
October 15, 2020
The Catholic Herald
Where would you go? As it’s not an easy time to go abroad at the moment, I’d like to go somewhere in Wales. I’ve never been there but I want to after recently watching Coast, the TV show. It looks so beautiful, you can’t believe it. I flew over Wales once on the way to
September 29, 2020
Joseph Shaw
What exactly are we losing as our lives move increasingly online? Few of us will be sorry to forgo long commutes, and we will all have our own experiences of online work meetings, email collaboration, and teaching by video-link. As for large-scale devotional events, the Latin Mass Society, like other Catholic organisations, had to learn
September 29, 2020
William Cash
Just as there are different levels of rigour and toughness within the various monastic orders – with the Carthusian rule of St Bruno still being one of harshest regimes – so it is with long-distance walking routes named after saints. You have your entry-level “novice” walks, such as the 14-mile Abbesses’ Way in Shropshire, much
September 21, 2020
Michael Duggan
On a Saturday morning in July, I stood for a few moments on the edge of the main road that runs from Slough to Maidenhead, somewhere between the site of the Taplow Giant Car Boot Sale and the Nike Factory Shop. And then, turning heel, I began walking south, away from the hum of traffic,
August 18, 2020
Staff Reporter
The annual Assumption celebrations at Lourdes took place on Saturday with markedly reduced attendance due to pandemic-related restrictions