Life & Soul

The Dream of Gerontius leaves us vividly aware of the drama of salvation

Fifth Sunday of Lent, Jer 31:13-34; Heb 5: 7-9; jn 12: 20-30 (Year B)

In a thriving London parish the catechists often ask me to give a talk to parents on how to keep their children Catholic

The modern tendency is to over-spiritualise Jesus’s time in the desert by making it all mythological

Fourth Sunday of Lent, 2 chr 36:14-16 & 19-23; eph 2: 4-10; jn 3:14-21 (year b)

Third Sunday of Lent, ex 20:1-17; 1 cor 1:22-25; jn 2:13-25 (year b)

Hampton Court feels more like a historical theme park than a royal palace

The names of the stations are printed in the pre-conciliar editions of the Roman Missal, as well as in people’s trusty hand missals

Contemplation always involves knowledge of one’s true scale, of a reality that dwarfs the ego

In Latin the Ember Days are called the Quatuor Tempora, giving rise to a popular form of fried food