December 17, 2015
Cryptic across 1 Astound, stagger, a good guy in Arezzo (7) 5 Poke around firm in 16 (5) 8 You text this call sign? (7) 9 Drowsy, nodding partly, in a meeting at Whitby (5) 10 First person to view the joint uttered is an Iron Age Briton… (5) 11 …early British missionary, not to park
December 17, 2015
Ed West
This was the year that social media caused identity politics to reach absurd new heights that future generations will find much easier to laugh at than we do. It was the year that the Spectator’s James Bartholomew coined the neologism “virtue signalling” to describe the act of asserting one’s moral superiority by expressing right-on opinions,
December 17, 2015
Fr Ronald Rolheiser
Some years ago I was challenged by a bishop regarding an article I’d written. We were talking in his office and the tone eventually got a little testy: “How can you write something like that?” he asked. “Because it’s true,” was my blunt reply. He already knew it was true, but now, realising that, he
December 17, 2015
Ed Condon
The initial effects of Mitis Iudex are now beginning to filter through into actual cases being heard before tribunals
December 17, 2015
Gerard Russell
Across the Middle East today, non-Muslim minorities are on the retreat. Let the numbers alone tell the story. Christians in Iraq comprised eight per cent in 1987 and are one per cent today. The mysterious Mandaeans, who once kept alive Babylonian traditions and a Gnostic faith in the Iraqi Marshes, have shrunk by more than
December 17, 2015
Catholic News Service
Astronauts at the station will deploy the satellite made by students at the St Thomas More Cathedral School in America
December 17, 2015
The Catholic Herald
Sir James MacMillan has this year attained sublime creative heights as well as taken on nationalist interests that want to marginalise Catholicism
December 17, 2015
Catherine Utley
After decades of illness and several brushes with death, the legendary Mgr Augustine Hoey is about to celebrate his 100th birthday
December 17, 2015
Mgr Mark Langham
A revised edition of Paul Vallely's biography paints Francis as a frail man aware of his limitations
December 17, 2015
Judith Sudilovsky
Patriarch Twal has also urged people to show solidarity with victims of violence and terrorism
December 16, 2015
Junno Arocho Esteves
Jesus is 'free of charge', says Pope during his weekly general audience
December 16, 2015
Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith
The People’s Republic of North Korea is surely the nearest thing we have to an Orwellian totalitarian state
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