Life & Soul

Culture drives history – St John Paul II’s achievements demonstrate this, as does the city which bears his imprint

Writing about the peaceful and prayerful spirit of the Abbey of St Cecilia feels like trying to describe a beautiful work of art.

Third Sunday of Easter Acts 3: 3-15, 17-19, 1 John 2: 1-5, Luke 24, 35-48 (year b)

Second Sunday of Easter, Acts 4:32-35; 1 jn 5:1-6; jn 20:19-31 (Year B)

Tradition indicates that Mary Magdalene had a struggle with chastity. Who can honestly say he or she hasn’t?

Easter Sunday, Acts 10: 34. 37-43; Col 3: 1-4; Jn 20: 1-9 (year b)

The Cross is worth its weight not in gold, nor in suffering alone, but in the currency of divine love

Palm Sunday, IS 50: 4-7; Phil 2: 6-11; MK 14:1 -15:47 (Year B)

The Dream of Gerontius leaves us vividly aware of the drama of salvation

Fifth Sunday of Lent, Jer 31:13-34; Heb 5: 7-9; jn 12: 20-30 (Year B)