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January 05, 2021
Paul Fahey
Beth Harmon is profoundly wounded from being rejected by her parents and by others who should have loved and accepted her. The orphaned chess prodigy who is the subject of Netflix’s new original series, The Queen’s Gambit, turns to drugs and alcohol not only to cope, but to play chess and win.
December 30, 2020
Charlie Camosy
There is so much bad faith and general dishonesty in public discourse over contentious issues, and particularly when people argue about abortion, that it is refreshing when someone tells the unvarnished truth about what they believe. This happened in the white-hot abortion debate in Argentina, which ended last night as the nation’s senate approved a
December 24, 2020
The Catholic Herald
Chapter House columnists and contributors to this page share their favorite Christmas story, book, movie, or music.
November 27, 2020
Fr James Bradley
Fr James Bradley remembers a transformative evening in Hyde Park
November 25, 2020
Simon Caldwell
‘A lot of people nowadays want to come to a decision – not only on criminal matters – without giving people the benefit of the doubt’
November 15, 2020
Michael Duggan
Long before its collapse became evident, three writers foretold the decline of the Irish Church – and worried about what would come next
November 12, 2020
Ben Conroy
St Augustine and Aquinas led Jennifer Frey to the Faith. Now she wants Catholic and contemporary philosophers to ‘talk more to each other’
November 12, 2020
Rachel Morley
St Mary of the Angels in Gloucestershire is a monument to the care and devotion of two remarkable women, says Rachel Morley
November 09, 2020
Constance Watson
Go-ahead finally given for ‘the world’s largest database of hope stories’
November 07, 2020
Jacob Phillips
The supposedly ‘boring and suburban’ style reflects English self-confidence and a spirit of moderation, argues Jacob Phillips
November 04, 2020
Matthew Schmitz
Why the Left has changed its criticisms of the right
November 01, 2020
Sophie Caldecott
There are practical ways to limit the negative impact of technology, and maximise the good