Cover Story
December 12, 2019
The Catholic Herald
Canonisations are unforgettable events for those lucky enough to attend one. But the memory of the day when St John Henry Newman was raised to the altars is likely to endure more than most because of the sheer joy and beauty of the occasion, and not least because of the active presence of Melissa Villalobos,
December 05, 2019
William Doino Jr
Editor’s note: This article went to press before news broke of the postponement of Fulton Sheen’s beatification. Upon learning of this breaking news, William Doino Jr, the author of this piece, wanted to make this statement: “When I wrote and completed my article celebrating Archbishop’s Sheen’s life and legacy, shortly before this latest news broke,
November 28, 2019
The Catholic Herald
Bishop Eduardo Hiiboro Kussala is a man on a mission. Born in what is now South Sudan in 1964, he has been a priest for 25 years and bishop of the Diocese of Tombura-Yambio, South Sudan, since 2008. Bishop Kussala is also president of the Sudan Catholic Bishops’ Conference. If this were not enough to
November 21, 2019
Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith
The Seal of Confession has long been a matter of public controversy. But Catholics, especially priests, have shown a remarkable solidarity in defending the seal – the obligation of a priest to never, under any circumstances, reveal the sins that are confessed to him. The subject is back in the news because the Independent Inquiry
November 14, 2019
Roy Peachey
After his apostolic visit to Thailand later this month, Pope Francis will move on to Japan, a land of saints and martyrs, but also a country where Catholics are in a tiny minority. Less than two per cent of the population is Christian, and less than half of those Christians are Catholics. So, 370 years
November 07, 2019
Jordan Bloom
Joe Biden, a frontrunner for the  Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, is a lifelong Catholic who has drifted leftward since entering the Obama White House in 2008. The tension between his public views and private faith came to a head last month when a priest in South Carolina denied him Holy Communion while he was on a
October 31, 2019
Joanna Bogle
Following the announcement 10 years ago of the creation of ordinariates for groups of former Anglicans who wished to come into full communion with the Catholic Church, substantial interest was to be expected. Since the Church of England’s decision to ordain women in 1992, large numbers of Anglican clergy had been ordained Catholic priests, with
October 24, 2019
John Pontifex
When an elderly Christian woman in a village in India’s Tamil Nadu state was beaten by extremists, her attackers defended their actions by saying that she had defiled the road by walking on it during a Hindu festival. A dozen Christians who tried to rescue her were also injured when the extremists threw stones at
October 17, 2019
Simon Caldwell
On the day of John Henry Newman’s funeral on August 19, 1890, more than 15,000 people took to the streets of Birmingham to pay homage to him. Generations have spoken of him as a saint ever since. Among those who saw the holiness of this man was RH Hutton, the editor of the Spectator, who
October 10, 2019
Edward Short
John Henry Newman was born in London at 80 Old Bond Street on February 21, 1801. His father, John Newman, was a private banker in the City of London, the son of a Mayfair grocer, originally of Cambridgeshire. His mother, Jemima (née Fourdrinier), was the daughter of a printer of Norman Huguenot stock, whose family
October 03, 2019
Todd Hartch
For three weeks in October, 185 bishops, missionaries and scholars, mostly from South America and Europe, will meet in Rome at Amazon synod. Pope Francis has asked them “to find new ways for the evangelisation” of the Amazon region and to respond to “the crisis of the Amazonian forest”. Although the synod could provide some
September 26, 2019
David Alton
In her dystopian novel The Children of Men, PD James foresaw a United Kingdom of mass infertility; where democracy decays as Parliament is diminished to an advisory role; where all political power is taken by a figure who calls himself the Warden; where a feminist civil war rages; where the declining population becomes over-entitled, unstable