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Children from Surrey who attended the Hyde Park vigil last month make cards for the Pope

Parish priest blesses a group of motorcyclists in Brighton on the occasion of the Brighton Run

Archbishop Vincent Nichols celebrates career of Michael Gormally, retiring head teacher of Cardinal Vaughan Memorial School

Pilgrims from Harrow on the Hill in north London were delighted to make the journey to Cofton Park for the beatification of John Henry Newman

Latin Mass Society hold residential training conference at Downside Abbey

Catholic theatre company Ten Ten wins £5,000 prize with drama project Safer Streets: Sam’s Story

The beatification of John Henry Newman had special meaning for staff and pupils of the Oratory School and Oratory Prep School

Fr Nicholas King SJ is made a chaplain of honour at a Mass in Lourdes

Archbishop of Westminster rejects calls for ‘generic chaplains’ amid budget cuts

Pupils talk about seeing the Pope at several of the major events