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Rob Flello called the party an ‘intolerant’ place ‘where Catholics are not welcome’

Catholics should ask candidates whether they understand the ‘immeasurable good of a child not yet born’, bishops said

A ‘mafia-like’ atmosphere allowed priests to cover up sexual abuse at St Benedict’s School in Ealing, a report says

In a request issued on the late pope’s feast day, the bishops also called for him to be made Patron of Europe

The man throws statues from the church of Santa Maria in Transpontina off the edge of Ponte Sant’Angelo

Cardinal Vincent Nichols celebrated a Pontifical Mass of Thanksgiving for the canonisation of St John Henry Newman at the London Oratory on Thursday evening

St Dominic’s Priory will offer the Mass, with traditional Dominican chant, from Rosary Sunday

They include just one Italian and no one from the US

Iain Duncan Smith said it was ‘the making’ of Britain