Paschal Uche

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August 06, 2020
On August 1 – by the time you read this – I will become the first British-born black priest of Brentwood diocese. While that’s really exciting, the fact that I’ll be the first British-born black priest from the diocese tells a story itself. The primary school I went to was in Hackney: St Dominic’s, a
January 04, 2018
Seventy men from over 20 dioceses form one community. Seminary is unique, and so much more than I anticipated
January 04, 2018
When I was discerning whether I was called to the priesthood, seminary life was one of the last things I thought about, despite the long six-year training period. My mind and heart were dreamily lost in the call of being a priest and I didn’t really give too much thought to the process and path