Nick Hallett

Pope Francis has signed a decree formally establishing the Manchester Oratory

Newman could ‘advocate without accusation’ and ‘disagree without disrespect,’ the Prince of Wales said

Learning the language ‘allows people of Roman Catholic faith to gain a deeper connection with their religion,’ a spokesman said

Jimmy Aldaoud had never visited the country nor spoke any Arabic

The Bishop of Northampton said there was no local cult and raised concerns of ‘anti-Semitism’

The English Franciscan missionary was killed while caring for lepers in Africa

Anti-Christian violence and intimidation is increasing worldwide, a government report warns

British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt blamed ‘political correctness’ for failure to tackle the problem

The powerful Honduran cardinal has a ‘dark side’ that the Pope is concealing, claims the author of an explosive new book

The cardinal also said the motive for sexual abuse was not priestly celibacy but ‘unmastered sexual desire’