Matthew Schmitz

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July 21, 2016
Even as Pope Francis wins the applause of the world for giving Catholicism a friendlier face, critics have started to grumble. On social media and in opinion columns, they have drawn up a list of grievances. While they approve of his pastoral outreach, they are concerned that he is leaving the Church unprepared to face
June 30, 2016
I touched down from America hoping only for a few good dinners. But I found hints everywhere of British Catholicism's surprising vitality
June 30, 2016
‘England is not a Catholic country.’ This claim seems trite even to an outsider like me, but over the course of my recent visit, it became hard to sustain. I had not taken the transatlantic flight with the idea of arriving at any religious insights, let alone of making a pilgrimage. I did not wander