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Four months after submitting his letter of resignation to Pope Francis, Archbishop Charles Chaput officially stood down as leader of the Philadelphia archdiocese on Thursday

Pence’s office confirmed that the Vice President is scheduled to be received by the Pope during his overseas trip

‘Some people in the pro-life movement do not seem to believe it’s that important to protect pro-life Democrats,’ Dan Lipinski said

A new US government report says that human rights abuse in China has worsened in the last year, and specifically highlighted the escalating persecution of Chinese Catholics in the wake of the Vatican-China agreement of 2018

A US drone strike that killed a top Iranian official on Friday has ignited discussion of the Catholic Church’s teaching on just war theory

More than 200 members of Congress have asked the Supreme Court to address Roe’s ‘unworkable’ finding of a ‘right to abortion’

A violent attack at ‘Mary’s Shrine’ in Washington DC on Tuesday shook the community and prompted prayer and solidarity among staff and regular attendees

Four members of Congress have requested that the Department of Justice use obscenity laws already on the statute book to prosecute major pornography producers and distributors

Two new lawsuits were filed against Theodore McCarrick and New Jersey dioceses this week, after the state temporarily lifted its statute of limitations on sexual abuse allegations.

Hungary is promoting pro-family policies because its Christian identity is at stake, the country’s family minister said