Mary O'Regan

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February 09, 2016
Today is the feast day of St Apollonia, the saint who had her teeth knocked out by a violent mob
February 03, 2016
If you start praying today you can complete a novena by the Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes
January 31, 2016
The saint whose feast we celebrate today discovered his vocation in his sleep
January 27, 2016
We must remember that God has created us for 'some definite service'
January 14, 2016
There needs, of course, to be a balance
January 13, 2016
It seems that people are more open to praying for the prevention of terrorism
January 07, 2016
Praying, offering up our sufferings and doing our best to socialise may help us through
January 06, 2016
The spectacle of Three Kings offering their treasures is a crucial example of how we can live faithfully
December 08, 2015
The Virgin Mary is the only woman in creation worthy of carrying Our Lord
December 04, 2015
For those of us often at odds with secular society, we have always had a friend in Mother Angelica
November 27, 2015
Many of us were taught at school that Christian missionaries forced the Africans to give up a non-Christian way of life
November 19, 2015
The Holy Father is never afraid to show that he defers to Our Lady