Leticia Ochoa Adams
April 02, 2020
Any crisis or emergency brings out different personality traits in different individuals, and it’s interesting to observe family and friends all reacting in diverse ways to the present emergency. One young foodie friend has taken to rising at 5 a.m. to go “foraging” in wild places, collecting all sorts of plants and herbs to add
March 26, 2020
I have followed so many debates and discussions about assisted dying and euthanasia that I had almost begun to get the impression that there was a sort of death-wish among certain sectors of society. We looked with dismay at events in Belgium and the Netherlands where, it seemed, doctors were permitted to end life because
March 19, 2020
It’s been my way of life ever since the budget airline got going in the 1980s: virtually every month I have taken a flight – most often between England and Ireland. I have also taken planes, ferries, buses and coaches elsewhere. This way of life has now – quite suddenly, it seems – come to
March 12, 2020
It’s St Patrick’s Day next week and many of the traditional events will be either cancelled or reduced, because of the Covid-19 situation. Street parades in Dublin and Cork have been called off.  And I’ve heard some people in Ireland breathe a sigh of relief that Paddy’s Day will be a scaled-down event. In latter
March 05, 2020
What are we to make of the announcement that Boris Johnson is to become a father again this summer – the baby’s mother being Carrie Symonds, formerly described as his girlfriend, now his fiancée? Is the Prime Minister’s private life any of our business? Mr Johnson has never presented himself as a model of moral rectitude.
February 27, 2020
Some years ago, I met a talented young writer who said that she aspired to be a journalist – but she only wanted to be “halfway into journalism”. She’d like to keep the other half of her life for a different career. A veteran Fleet Street fashion editor overheard this and shook her head sagely:
February 20, 2020
Domestic abuse is an odious crime which certainly calls for investigation and redress. However, there’s an aspect of this form of assault which our politically correct world doesn’t choose to admit: that is – a man hitting a woman is not the same as a woman hitting a man. The natural law has been erased
February 13, 2020
“Coming out” used to mean attending a debutante’s ball. Nowadays, as we know, it means a person announcing that their sexual orientation is gay or “non binary”. The television presenter Phillip Schofield has taken the ceremony of “coming out” one step further – by making the announcement on live television. He has been hailed as