Madeleine Teahan

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April 09, 2020
In January I began to feel a premonition that something dangerous was spreading. Now, a week before Easter, my worst fears have been confirmed. We are now facing a highly serious outbreak, for which there appears to be no cure. Ever since “Veganuary”, we have seen more and more cases of veganism in the UK
August 15, 2019
“NO WAY!” I shrieked. “Absolutely not!” I had walked into the lounge on Saturday afternoon, while my husband had been clearing out the spare room and my gaze fell on two ugly human-sized speakers, resting against the wall. “There isn’t room for them anywhere else,” my husband patiently explained, “and it will be nice to
June 13, 2019
I managed an impressive shriek during the Consecration on Saturday, while I watched in slow motion as my two-year-old seemed to be about to plant himself face-first onto a large rock. We were attending Mass outside Padley Chapel at Grindleford in Derbyshire. But rather than meditating on the fate of the Catholic martyrs, my recurring
February 28, 2019
I almost jumped out of my skin on Saturday morning. I had arrived at the hairdressers’ early and nipped to the loo before my appointment. I was leaving the cubicle when out of nowhere bounced a dog, which dutifully sniffed my feet before skipping off. I felt like yelling: “Is this a park or a
December 06, 2018
I have always fancied myself as a natural diplomat who might have missed my true calling in life. Until, that is, I came head to head with my four-year-old niece, who was facing a sartorial crisis on Saturday afternoon. I could hear her sobbing from her bedroom because her dress was “tooo [gulp] smaaaalll”, and
October 25, 2018
Earlier this month, Taylor Swift made an appeal to her fans via Instagram in which she attacked the voting record of the Republican candidate running in Tennessee’s mid-term elections. “I cannot support Marsha Blackburn,” Swift wrote. “Her voting record in Congress appalls and terrifies me. She voted against equal pay for women. She voted against
September 20, 2018
There is an NHS advertisement orbiting social media at present. It features an image of a high-heeled shoe and a tube of red lipstick next to a picture of a baby’s dummy with the question “Would you give up this? For this?” The ad continues: “You can still get Emergency Contraception up to five days
June 14, 2018
A rare thing happened this week. I agreed with Piers Morgan. Usually when Piers opens his mouth, all I want to do is staple his lips together, but when he tweeted that the reality TV show Love Island was “brain dead TV for sex crazed, money grabbing, amoral wastrels”, I cheered. The programme should carry
March 13, 2018
The London Oratory's Forty Hours' Devotion is a must for Catholics growing tired of Lent
February 08, 2018
The feast of St Valentine coincides with Ash Wednesday – this conflict is an opportunity
February 08, 2018
I’m a bit miffed that Valentine’s Day coincides with Ash Wednesday this year. Why couldn’t it have happened years ago? For most of my twenties I was one of those single people who looked forward to February 14 about as much as you look forward to passing a kidney stone. Had it coincided with the
January 04, 2018
And it has nothing to do with female priests and deacons
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