Leanda de Lisle

The King believed his first marriage had broken a biblical rule against marrying your brother’s wife

Mary was a popular queen from whom Elizabeth I learned much

The heroism and sacrifice of priests living under the Nazis is forgotten

Philippa Gregory and other writers claim the Cousins’ War is an authentic term, but its origins are vague

A new exhibition at Tate Britain highlights the scale of destruction to artworks in the Tudor period – a staggering amount of books and music were also destroyed

Assigning powerful women masculine qualities to negate their femininity was commonplace in the Tudor period

There is no evidence of endowments set up to pay for prayers for the princes – Henry may have been scared of inspiring a religious cult

The Catholic culture of the time may have persuaded Richard that the Princes in the Tower needed to ‘disappear’

The fate of James IV of Scots seems to point to a tradition that left the Tudors inured to the mistreatment of the dead