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December 05, 2019
Christus Vincit By Bishop Athanasius Schneider and Diane Montagna Angelico Press, 338pp, £16.50/$20 When the Soviets sought to describe the middle of nowhere, they said “Karaganda”. Indeed, there wasn’t much of anything in Karaganda, in Kazakhstan, other than the Karlag – a gigantic gulag that incarcerated over one million prisoners and covered as much territory
September 13, 2019
Carved in golden-toned walrus ivory, covered with tiny figures and inscriptions, the Cloisters Cross is unique among early medieval treasures. Of English workmanship, it is so sophisticated that scholars say it’s as if the ideas represented in the façade of Chartres Cathedral were compressed into a cross not quite two feet high. At its centre,
August 15, 2019
The Society of St Vincent de Paul (known in the US as the SVDP) is one of America’s most beloved Catholic charities. It has specialised in the corporal works of mercy for almost 200 years. But in the 21st century it has a new theme: “systemic change”. In 2011, Sheila Gilbert, a former national secretary
July 16, 2019
It is the oldest Marian site in the world, located in northeastern Israel: Mount Carmel, which means “garden of the Lord”. The prophet Elias prayed on its summit for rain after a three-year drought. From the Mediterranean emerged a tiny cloud in the shape of a foot, which slowly rose into the sky and poured
June 06, 2019
On May 31, 1985, one of the deadliest tornado outbreaks in North American history swept through parts of Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada. Eighty-nine people died, and more than 1,000 were injured; the damage was estimated at over $600 million. “A bombed-out battlefield” was how one local weather service described the borough of
May 02, 2019
Scientists are calling for fresh tests on the Turin Shroud after a paper challenged a previous finding that it dated from the Middle Ages. The paper, which queried the methodology of a 1988 study, has led researchers and scientific commentators to say it is “high time” for a new round of tests. The Shroud, a
February 02, 2019
It was 5 am, January 24, 2018; the cobbled streets of Quito were still dark and deserted when fireworks began to shoot up from a church on la Plaza Grande, right next to the presidential palace. Lenin Moreno, President of the Republic of Ecuador, was awakened by the sound of explosives and sent out security
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