Hannah Brockhaus/CNA

The founder of a prominent non-denominational movement in India has returned to the Catholic faith of his baptism

Benedict XVI’s private secretary has said the former pontiff was not informed he would be presented as co-author of a new book on priestly celibacy and that he has asked for his name and photo to be removed from the cover

Pope Francis’s position on priestly celibacy is ‘known,’ a Vatican press officer said

A five-year-old British girl, whose parents won a legal battle to take her to Italy for medical treatment, has been moved out of intensive care

In St Stephen’s martyrdom, ‘violence is defeated by love, death by life,’ the Pope said

Pope Francis has accepted the resignation of Cardinal Angelo Sodano and declared that the position will now have a five-year term limit

Francis quoted St John Henry Newman, who said, ‘here on earth living is changing, and perfection is the result of many transformations’

Pope Francis has hung a cross encircled by a life jacket inside a Vatican building in memory of migrants and refugees who have lost their lives

The Pope encouraged every family to have a nativity scene in their home at Christmas time

Archbishop Luigi Ventura was accused of sexual assault earlier this year