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Fr Juan Antonio Guerrero Alves succeeds Cardinal Pell, whose term expired in February

When theology and philosophy engage with cultures in creative ways, they become a powerful tool for renewing humanity with the Word of God, Pope Francis said

‘I hope and pray that the pope … will not confirm it,’ says Cardinal Ruini

Pope Francis noted that it was the first time he had visited the catacombs

The Pope changed the title to avoid negative connotations associated with the word ‘secret’

If Catholics in the Amazon are to have their own rite, then Christ must be at its centre, an indigenous Peruvian said

Every Catholic has the mission of sharing Christ’s love with the world, Pope Francis said

A confidential report from the Vatican’s anti-corruption authority shows that the Secretariat of State has used about $725 million, most of which came from the pope’s charity fund, in off-books operations

Young people are looking for models of holiness and will be drawn to it when they see it, the bishop said

Members include Cardinal Schönborn and Argentinian Bishop Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo