Gertrude Clarke

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December 16, 2020
The habit of starting celebrations too soon and finishing them too soon is the worst aspect of a secular Christmas. The great thing is to start your own celebrations on Christmas Eve and keep them going right through the Twelve Days.
November 08, 2020
Government guidelines forbid visit to care homes. Is there a better way?
September 29, 2020
It’s the stuff of feminist polemic: what might female painters have achieved in history if they only had had the opportunities that men did? Artemisia Gentileschi shows what one woman achieved: she was not the only notable female painter in Italy in the seventeenth century but she was valued highly in her own lifetime in
September 28, 2020
'The good news is that Cardinal Nichols has been supportive of most of the conclusions of the report he commissioned.'
September 24, 2020
There may be a few hurdles to Boris and Carrie marrying in a Catholic church
June 01, 2020
Don't just leave it to older parishioners to shoulder the burden
May 19, 2020
Today is St Dunstan's Day... the saint who took the devil by the nose
January 01, 1970
A friend of mine lost her father to Covid the other day, but long before he died he had only been able to see his family through the window of his care home. It was to protect other residents and staff, of course, but it was a lonely end to life for the father of