Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

The BBC has re-edited a programme for falsely suggesting Fr John Gerard SJ was involved in the Gunpowder Plot

Archaeologists have recently uncovered evidence of the mass child sacrifice in pre-Christian Peru

Hospitals do not just treat diseases, they treat people. How did things break down at Alder Hey?

God’s Law does not constrict us, but liberates us

It does not look good to invite someone into our country, and then protest when they arrive

The intransigence of the British courts – and a large swathe of British opinion – makes the country look intolerant

Theresa May and Amber Rudd seem to have forgotten the virtue of charity

The proposed ban on male circumcision is another example of secular authorities itching to legislate on religious belief

Non-religious people seem to find it much easier to believe in Satan. Why is that?

The country has a history of putting unfit people in positions of power