Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Anti-Semitism, like all conspiracy theories, is an office against the truth, and therefore against God

I am not remotely surprised that they harvest information and sell it on

Jewish social convention would have dictated that women be present at a seder meal. So why did they not attend?

In the popular consciousness, nothing will be more effective in punishing Russia than sporting sanctions

The letter from Benedict has become the focus of attention. No one now cares about the books

As one journalist said, Cardinal Keith O’Brien was not a monster, he was a weak man

Pro-life Democratic candidates have disappeared, making it harder than ever for faithful Catholics to back the party

The sight of 100,000 people walking in the rain has fired up the campaign

Despite his loyalty to the Church of England, King Charles had a love for Catholic art

Parties that support the Vatican’s stance on immigration tanked in the Italian elections