Conrad Black

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November 29, 2017
What Happened by Hillary Clinton, Simon & Schuster, 512pp, £20 This is an astonishing and disturbing book. Hillary Clinton writes persuasively of seeking “grace” after her defeat, and concluded her speeches throughout the 2016 campaign calling for “love and kindness”; but this book is unrelievedly ungracious. She describes her opponent as “a clear and present
August 03, 2017
For decades, the Economist steadily built its sale in the United States as it found a market that was constantly growing in wealth and numbers and that could not be reached by the banalities of Time and Newsweek. Henry Luce’s “American Century” at Time tapered off into trite American vanity expressed in sophomoric attempts at
May 04, 2017
I fear we are losing the capacity for proportionate response to misbehaviour, to temper justice with mercy, to forgive the penitent and to remember that we are all sinners living to some degree in moral glass houses. We are slipping into the practice of consigning moral, ethical and even legal questions to a sort of
November 11, 2016
Trump tapped a volcanic lava pool of anger at poor government
July 07, 2016
The immediate reaction to the Brexit vote in the international media and financial markets illustrates again the complacency and vacuity of the governing elites of the West. There was never any reason to imagine the remainers would win on the basis of the piffle that David Cameron brought back from Brussels. He promised “full-on treaty
June 29, 2016
Alarmist ravings about the secession of Scotland and Northern Ireland are bunk; the real casualty is the Brussels tyranny
February 25, 2016
The Pope’s ill-considered comments about Donald Trump are of a piece with hysterical overreactions to him and his candidacy in this and other countries. No pope has so overtly intervened in an American political campaign before. Such interventions are not historically uncommon in some places. Pius IX called the founder and chancellor of the German
December 04, 2014
It is a testimony to the strength of the Church that most of the faithful have persevered through this era of informal official atheism
November 05, 2013
Despite the enthusiasm of the left wing media, the Pope is not abandoning the traditional battlements of Catholicism