Cindy Wooden

Parishes urged to form 12-strong ‘pastoral teams’

Investigators found the graves of a princess and a duchess to be completely empty

The bronze case contains nine bone fragments discovered during excavations under St Peter’s Basilica

A strongly worded document warned there can be ‘no exception whatsoever’ to Confessional secrecy

The Holy Spirit keeps Christians young at heart, the Pope said

‘As a brother, I ask you to remain in peace. I ask you from my heart, let’s go forward’

Diocesan priests can now celebrate Mass according to the Ordinariate rite – if there is a ‘pastoral necessity’

Discovering your vocation ‘will bring you more joy and excitement than anything else in this world’, Pontiff says

The Vatican wants to make it easier for those men to leave the priesthood so they can take responsibility for the children, Cardinal Stella said