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The synod bishops ‘must continue to face courageously and honestly the betrayal of young people by clerics’

Countries like the US style themselves as developed but are in fact ‘underdeveloped in their humanity’, Chaput said

Lobbyists say the law is incompatible with human rights because it does not allow abortion in cases of fetal abnormality

The Jesuit university held a talk titled ‘Dialogue concerning the Right to Decide’

‘By equating abortion to the management of asthma… people are being disingenuous,’ a senior doctor said

They were nominated for ‘their refusal to retaliate against deadly and ongoing persecution’

Catholics are still barred from succeeding to the British throne

The Church is not well served by ‘an overdose of sentiment, accommodation, and sociology’, Chaput said

The Vatican hopes to convince Beijing to recognise a dozen ‘underground’ bishops by December