Carolyn Wickware

Barrie Schwortz, a leading expert on the Shroud, spoke at the event

A public consultation found that religious programmes are the BBC’s least well received radio shows

They began their celebrations last Tuesday on the Feast of St Clare

Hollywood star says he prays and tries to go to church every day

Ahead of his visit the Pope asks Catholics to ‘stand side by side’ with their fellow citizens

Move to admit female students ends single-sex education at Oxford University

The report said the Catholic-run schools put aboriginal Canadians through assimilation amounting to ‘cultural genocide’

The feast day often sees church-goers dress in traditional attire as they process through the streets

In a letter of support they say the cardinal is ‘committed to the truth and to helping those who have been hurt’

Three-quarters of a million no voters are hardly irrelevant, says Archbishop Eamon Martin