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Archbishop welcomes Sister Wendy’s new book

Sister Wendy speaks about her books at St Pauls bookshop, central London (Photo: St Pauls bookshop)

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor and Archbishop Vincent Nichols of Westminster joined the art critic Sister Wendy Beckett at St Paul’s bookshop, next to Westminster Cathedral, on Tuesday July 12. The meeting was held to celebrate the publication of her latest two book.

Sister Wendy Contemplates the Iconic Jesus is the second in a series of books in which she offers spiritual commentaries on works of art, the first in the series being St Paul in Art. While icons are not strictly works of art, they are in fact representations of the divine, “written” under strict guidelines. Her book shows that Sister Wendy still has the ability to interpret the sacred in a way that touches the heart and the soul.

In his speech Archbishop Nichols thanked St Paul’s publishers for continuing to make Sister Wendy’s writings available.

Addressing Sister Wendy he said: “You allow people to take another step towards the Lord.”