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Pupils raise money to help a school in Malawi

Sixth-form students at Cardinal Wiseman School pictured before they staged a sponsored sit in Ricoh Arena

Eight sixth-form pupils from Cardinal Wiseman School, Coventry, recently undertook a “sponsored sit” in Ricoh Arena to raise funds for a life-changing trip to Malawi.

Sean O’Donovan and Mark Dettmer, assistant head teachers, will accompany Daniel Baillie, Luke McNicholas, Hannah O’Brien, Millicent Cabalza, Olivia Williams, Julia Bergin, Daniel Russell and Reede Ashford on the trip to Malawi in June.

Cardinal Wiseman has supported projects in Malawi at Bunda LEA School and Kasina Health Clinic for four years. Each year sixth-form pupils and teachers from Cardinal Wiseman travel to Malawi and spend time at the school and health clinic.

To raise money, the pupils attempted to sit in all of the 32,000 seats in the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Sixth-former Luke McNicholas, who organised the event and has raised over £300 in sponsorship so far said: “I wanted to arrange a big event that we could all take part in together.”

Anyone who is interested in sponsoring the pupils can contact Cardinal Wiseman on 02476 617231. For more information on the project visit