Catholic Life

Catholic pupils dress up

Beatrice Byrne Hill in French costume with frogs’ legs

Two Catholic pupils at a boarding school near Ipswich celebrated modern foreign language day recently.

At Orwell Park school near Ipswich, all the children dressed in any choice of foreign dress for the day. A group of children led the assembly by dressing as members of the British royal family to welcome the European guests.

Rufus Byrne Hill, dressed as the Duchess of Cornwall, to everybody’s delight, while his sister, Beatrice, dressed in French style and served real frogs’ legs and snails in the “Cafe Orwell” in the school’s entrance hall. These delicacies were prepared by the school’s chef, Paul Jagger.

Rufus and Beatrice worship with their family at the Catholic church of the Holy Family, Kesgrave, Suffolk. Kesgrave is an eastern suburb of Ipswich, home to about 10,000 people. Holy Family church has beautiful stained glass by Margaret Agnes Rope and an extension built in the 1970s.