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Marist girl triumphs in Dr Who competition

Lucy Farrell with her story in print in the Times

Marist students were continuing in the Marist Senior School’s strong tradition of creative writing when they entered the Young Times writers competition, “The Claws of Macra”.

The girls responded enthusiastically to the newspaper’s challenge: to write a winning Dr Who story, which was spotted by Liliana Barnard, the school’s librarian. The Marist Senior School is an independent Catholic school in Ascot, Berkshire.

Lucy Farrell in Year 9 beat readers all over Britain and online readers worldwide to see her story published in the Times.

Her story sees the doctor and Amy confront giant crustaceans, or Macra, in a gas refinery, with Amy turning into a crustacean herself. The Doctor needs to get her into the Tardis before she transforms completely.

Lydia Spoors, English teacher at the Marist, runs the creative writing club and encouraged the girls to enter the competition. She was delighted that Lucy Farrell’s story won and said: “This is a fantastic achievement for Lucy and our creative writing club which has gone from strength to strength this year.

“The girls have vivid imaginations and are very gifted when it comes to expressing themselves with originality and flair. ”

Not only will Lucy see her work in print but she will also receive a pass to the Dr Who exhibition in Cardiff, Dr Who books and a treasured sonic screwdriver.

The Marist group of schools were founded in 1870 by the sisters of the International Marist Order, the branch of the Society of Mary that Jeanne Marie Chavoin established in France in 1826. The schools’ motto sub Mariae Nomine (“in Mary’s Name”) is an encouragement to emulate the faith, love and gentleness of Our Lady.