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Cheshire schoolboys visit war graves in France

At the American War Cemetery at Colleville-sur-mer, from left to right: Daniel Worth, Mrs Karen Allen, Charles Oultram, Isaac Webster, behind, Joseph Gavin, kneeling, and Isaac Judehy

St Ambrose Catholic College in Cheshire made its own Normandy landings when a record 155 Year 7 pupils spent four days in historical northern France, writes Simon Carter.

Staying on the Cherbourg peninsula, the trip immersed the boys in the French language and culture and our shared history.

There were trips to the Normandy beaches and the Bayeux tapestry, the American war cemetery, Mont St Michel, the Basilica of St Thérèse of Lisieux and the Memorial peace museum in Caen.

Phil Howard, deputy headmaster and a French linguist, said: “We had expected to be greeted by World Cup fever. But for the French, just like us, it had all but disappeared by the time we arrived.”

Mr Howard added: “It’s not only a wonderful teaching and learning experience, but a chance for the school community to come together in an exciting shared experience.”