Catholic Life

Authors remember the road to Rome

A recent reception celebrated the arrival of a new, enlarged, revamped, and revised 10th anniversary edition of the classic book Path to Rome.

The book is a collection of English conversion stories. The reception was held at the Oxford Oratory on Thursday May 27 and organised by Gracewing Publishing.

The individuals in the picture on the right are all contributors to the volume and they are shown holding copies of it.

Not all contributors – Newman scholar Fr Ian Ker, for example – were present at the reception. From left to right, the contributors pictured are David Palmer, prison chaplain; Fr Kenneth Noakes, Plymouth diocese; Marcus Grodi, founder of the Coming Home Network in the US, and writer and broadcaster; Kate Prior, wife of Fr David Prior; Cyprian Blamires, co-editor of the volume and organiser of the St Barnabas Society; Rhidian Jones, canon law scholar and translator; Jane Figueiredo, former Methodist minister; Stratford Caldecott, founder of the Second Spring Association and contributor to The Catholic Herald.

The stories in the book relate some of the struggles and sacrifices of those who found their home eventually in the Catholic Church.

The 1990s, in particular, saw a sizeable influx of laity and clergy into the Church in England, including four Anglican bishops, a member of the Royal Family, two government Ministers and a host of ordinary clergy and lay people.

The book’s editor is Fr Dwight Longenecker, a former Anglican vicar who lives with his wife and children in Greenville, South Carolina. He was ordained to the Catholic priesthood in Charleston in 2006.