WYD 2016

We must believe ‘in a new humanity’ and stand against extremism on one side and relativism on the other

The Italian bishops’ conference advised all pilgrims who visited or attended events at its Casa Italia centre to see a doctor

People often say young pilgrims only go to WYD for a good time, but scratch the surface and you find real engagement with Christ

Pope Francis told young Catholics that his compatriot is the greatest footballer of all time

The Pope met volunteers and organisers before boarding a flight back to Rome

‘Unless you offer the best of yourselves, the world will never be different,’ says Holy Father

In Kraków, pilgrims are discovering the hope and mercy that is sorely needed in these dark times

Francis celebrated Mass at a shrine dedicated to his Polish predecessor

Francis is also visiting the Sanctuary of St John Paul II, near the Lagiewniki shrine

Pope Francis is scheduled to arrive at World Youth Day on Wednesday