WYD 2013

After hearing the testimonies of friends who went to Rio in 2013, I was adamant that I would make the somewhat shorter journey to Krakow

The people and the stories making the news in what was a momentous year for the Church

Pilgrims descended on Copacabana Beach to hear the Pope urge them to reach out to those on “the fringes of society”

Pope Francis holds surprise press conference on flight home from World Youth Day in Rio

As Pope Francis boarded a helicopter to meet World Youth Day volunteers in Rio, he made the sign of the Cross and then a heart to the delight of the watching crowd

Putting down my camera phone allowed me to share a truly special moment with Pope Francis and my fellow volunteers

Polish city is Blessed John Paul II’s former episcopal see

‘We are sent together,’ Pontiff tells three million young people on Copacabana Beach