December 14, 2016
Fragile countries have collapsed into civil war and flailing politicians have proved incapable of stopping the mayhem
December 13, 2016
A vigil Mass that was due to take place at the monastery had been moved to a different church
December 13, 2016
The papal nuncio to Syria delivered a letter from the Pope calling for 'international humanitarian law to be fully respected'
December 05, 2016
Patriarch Ignace Joseph III Younan visited beleaguered Christians in northern Iraq last month
November 22, 2016
The Bishop of Clifton said that violence against civilians can never be justified
November 14, 2016
A tomb had been desecrated and statue of the Virgin Mary was decapitated at the St Addai Chaldean Catholic church
October 26, 2016
The villagers have been moved to a nearby camp for their safety
October 24, 2016
Archbishop Warda of Irbil said his country will require intervention in order to achieve reconciliation between the country's divided groups