Archbishop Nassar described Syria as ‘a huge disaster zone’ of ‘ghost neighbourhoods and towns destroyed to the ground’

The UN has said almost one million children are in need on assistance

The delegation met with Christian communities and their pastors in the Syrian city

In his message for the World Day of Communications, Francis said the media should not constantly focus on war and terrorism

After the 1944 massacre in Civitella, a captain and a priest arrived to bring consolation and material support

Such a strategy would make Christians a ‘target’ for their enemies, Church leaders have said

Monsignor Hilarion Capucci had a history of activism linked to Middle East conflicts

Bishop Antoine Audo of Aleppo asked people to approach the ‘shattered city as if we were coming to the stable in Bethlehem’

Fragile countries have collapsed into civil war and flailing politicians have proved incapable of stopping the mayhem

A vigil Mass that was due to take place at the monastery had been moved to a different church